“Share your Knowledge.
It is a way to achieve immortality”

Dalai Lama

(1357 – 1419, high lama of Tibetan Buddhism)

GMV Academy – International ACADEMY of Aesthetics Medicine is an international organization studied to contribute to the scientific and technical development of Aesthetic medicine in various sectors with particular attention to the non-invasive technique, promoting day by day growth of doctor’s know-how through the propagation of our knowledge and professional updates.

Our goal is to guide each doctor into a constant growth in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Subscribing to our academy you will:



With experts in the field of Aesthetic medicine, as well as scientific societies, universities, research centers and so on, in order to create a scientific level work group.



A continuous professional training, specific for different issues and different levels of knowledge of the topics covered, with ECM credits.


For this reason, we have created this innovative portal: gmv.academy, the most advanced and principal information guide for all our activities.


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Formazione e Ricerca Scientifica per guidare il medico in una crescita costante

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