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GMV Academy

The initiatives

The GMV Academy offers to its subscribers, thanks to the Scientific Committee Director different types of activities which its contribution helps the development of cosmetic Surgery and medicine in Scientific and technological terms. The principal activities that will take place are as follows:

– Group studies, National/International work committees on specific thematic.

– Group studies aimed to elaborate Protocols, guidelines, trials, scientific researches, position papers in collaboration with regional and national agencies, scientific societies and other organizations

– Cultural exchange activities between professionals that operate in the Aesthetic medicine and specialists that operate nationally and internationally in different fields.

All the scientific material will be uploaded and available through the Reserved Area for them dedicated.

The association also coordinates and manages, a scientific Journal called IJAM- International Journal of Aesthetics Medicine, which represents the official instrument of the association.

The scientific Committee of the GMV Academy is constituted by the most important professionals in the national and international panorama of the field of aesthetic medicine.

The Scientific Director of the association Prof. Francesco Amenta is responsible of the clinical research department of telemedicine and tele pharmacy and Director Vicario is responsible of the school science of the drug and products for your health at the University of Camerino. Prof. Amenta is also president of the C.I.R.M (The International Radio Medical Centre) in Rome.

The Scientific Committee other than having different professionals is also proud to include elite MD such as Dott.essa Elena Rossi (Surgeon specialized in Dermatology and Venereology, one of the major experts in Italy in the field of non-invasive surgery), Prof. Sotiris Tsioumas (Surgeon specialized in Ophthalmology, inventor of the “Hybrid Lifting Homologous technique” ®- HLH THERAPY®), Dott.essa Maria Cristina Di Mascio (Surgeon specialized in Aesthetic Medicine) and is continuously in expansion.

The Director of the Journal is Prof. Vincenzo Varlaro, who is already lecturer of Aesthetic medicine, phytotherapy, aesthetic medical semeiotics, endocrinology in “2nd level biennial international master’s degree in aesthetic medicine and aesthetic therapy” of the university of Camerino (Rome Office) where he also plays the role of Deputy-Director.

Benvenuto in GMV Academy!

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